Attendance Management System

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Attendance Management System

With  all type of organization can now easily manage their employees and student attendance through our centralized attendance system. which can automate all their attendance keeping tasks.

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Attendance Management Software

  • We brings you a very robust and easily accessible attendance management software through which you can manage online, mobile or location punch.
  • Employees can approach for rectification for any kind of miss attendance entry in the system and can get approved by manager.
  • Our system features attendance application status by which employee can know their application is being approved or not.
  • Make your workers file an over time application for their extra work and get it approved by your manager.
  • Specify basic attendance for your workforce to be present for minimum number of days in a month.

Attendance Policy

  • Work Schedule
    Easily define department and office wise timings and policy to make your workforce punctual according to your work schedule and policy.
  • Auto Shift & Flexi Shift Policy
    Your company can make individually configurable policy for automatic and flexible shifts of your employees.
  • Work Schedule Assignment
    With you can assign your work schedule to your various departments, employee categories and working locations for more productivity in your company.
  • Integration With Travel Application
    When an employee of your company is visiting clients location he can punch his attendance through integration to travel application.

Device Integration

  • Multi Device Integration
    From your various working location integrate all the biometric devices and manage the attendance of all your employees.
  • Separate Device for In & Out Punching
    Separately define biometric device for entry and exit point to monitor every in and out punching in your all offices.
  • Types of Device
    Attendance Management Software can integrate various types of biometric devices for scanning thumbprint, retina, face and voice.
  • Device Restriction
    With device restriction you can bound an employee to specifically mark their attendance from an predefined device a company location

Attendance Report

  • In-Out Report
    For any employees or department get attendance report along with in and out time.
  • Overtime Report
    Get overtime report of an employee for any month or specific period of time.
  • Attendance Summary
    Generate attendance summary for a particular employee or department for specified month or days.
  • Detailed Attendance Report
    Determine presence punctuality for any of your particular employee to take necessary actions.
  • Late Coming & Early Going Report
    For all of your employees staff generate a report for early going and late coming employees to re-frame policies and make necessary decision.

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