Automatic Paper Generator

Paper Ready

PaperReady is a Automatic Paper Generator tool for generation of exam papers offline. Useful for all the Educational Institute, Schools, Colleges to design the question paper with ease.

Ready... Set... Print!

PaperReady is a Automatic Paper Generator software for desktop . This software generates objective type question paper. with ease. Less DTP work folks!

You can upload thousand of questions that will be stored in database, You can use it all (until and unless you delete it of course).

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Upload The Questions

  • Upload your paper data using docx file.
  • PaperReady is now able to filter and sort questions according to Subject, Chapter, Topic etc


  • User friendly UI
  • Activity tracker
  • Questions’ Bulk Upload
  • Unlimited Question creation & Question Paper creation
  • PDF export for Question Paper
  • Cloud Sync for Questions & Categories

Automatic Paper Generator Features

  • Easy Registration
  • Secure & User friendly Dashboard
  • Vivid Customized Themes
  • Questions filter
  • Questions Categorization
  • PDF export for Hints and Solution
  • Question Paper Watermark & Question Paper Footer control
  • Integration with Praxis Exams

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