Why Bot Development

If you’re looking to improve your business sales, customer service, and marketing campaigns, chatbots can play an important role in improving these key areas. For example, when doing marketing automation, chatbots can support scheduling, reminders, bookings- all can be done via Facebook messenger with a chatbot. If you want to improve your customer service support system, you can have a website chatbot or a Facebook messenger chatbot that offers interactive 24/7 support. Lastly, people are more likely to purchase if they’re able to contact your business

Benefits of using AI-based bot development

Bots can respond to the quieries of emp & make human-like conversations to assist them to make everyday tasks easier and save time.
Help your customers to reach you easily with their queries, and solve their problems any hour of the day which can save extra resources of support staff.
Healthcare Bot
Healthcare bot provide hospital policy and guidelines information, or simply educate your patients using the healthcare bot
Deploy bots in your workplace for a variety of tasks and allow your team members to coordinate smoothly and remain on the same page.
Supply Chain Bots
Manage the daily tasks of your production line using a bot and save your time and resources for important inventories and your business growth
Search and retrive doccument instantly using the content search bot and eliminate the hassale of finding doccument manually.
Banking Bots
Use a banking bot to track account activities and send out timely notifications to your customers without any human assistance.
Sales and
When you create a chatbot for your sales and marketing employees,you free up their time to let them focus on their core work

Why Bot ?




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Techinvento is a Bot development company, specializes in creating chatbots by integrating cognitive services to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers and employees.
Our developers can build customized chatbots and deploy on our platform using the right framework that suits your business needs.

Why Choose Us ?

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