Ecommerce Automation

E-commerce automation is useful to convert tasks, processes, workflows, or marketing campaigns within your business by automating them effectively and on time, as needed or required for business growth.
A lot of businesses experience growth issues. As your business grows, the product demands, complexity, and repetition of everyday tasks increase. Most organizations address these challenges by resorting to time-consuming workloads. This means hiring more workforce to get the work done.
What e-commerce automation does is complete these repetitious tasks a lot more efficiently than a human could. The biggest success for you and your staff is that by automating your e-commerce you achieve the most priceless asset that is time.

Automation in Ecommerce

  • Connect Multiple Inventories & System
  • Orders import and Synchronization
  • Scheduled Stock Synchronization
  • Scheduled Prices Synchronization
  • Scheduled Import New Products
  • Scheduled Update Existing Products
  • Automate Shipping and Tracking
  • Schedule your shipments

Automation Process

network (1)


Create bridge and connect the systems



Schedule any time



Synchronize Unidirectional/Bidirectional Realtime synchronization

Common use cases of Ecommerce automation

  • Returns Processing
  • Workflow Management
  • Customer support management
  • ERP Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing and Consumer Behavior Analysis
  • Demand and Supply Planning
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Benefits of Ecommerce Automation

Easy Connect with
other APIs

Sell on Multiple

Maintain Centralized

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Maropost helps businesses reduce costs and improve efficiency by automating labor-intensive and manual processes and giving customers self-service decisions.

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" I predict that, because of artificial intelligence and its ability to automate certain task that in the past were impossible to automate, not only will we have a much wealthier civilization, but the quality of work will go up very significantly and a higher fraction of people will have callings and careers relative to today."

-Jeff Bezos