HR Management Software

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HR Things

  • A tool for your HR department.
  • Simple and Intuitive app for managing Human Resources of your Organization.
  • Spend less of your time on administration and offboard your work processes.
  • HR Things is a  instinctive, simple to-utilize, moderate HR  Management Software.
  • Empower your HR department to draw in top ability through numerous channels. 
  • A Lifelong Site, Work Sheets, Web based Live Channels, Messages, Talk with -and Employ -hotshots, and so on.
  • You can select, install and oversee representative data
  • All the while covering your time off administration and off-boarding work processes
  • HR can likewise make a representative index. make authoritative outlines and handle worker downtime.
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  • Easy to use GUI
  • Manage employer details
  • HR consultancy overall profit reports
  • Data Quality Management
  • Manage candidate profiles
  • Schedule interviews
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  • Employee management is the core function of HR Things.
  • This feature will help in planning, hiring, managing, and analyzing human resources.
  • These may span across multiple departments and locations within a global workforce.


  • The most crucial function of HR Things.
  • Process and Manage Payroll.
  • This involves ensuring every employee is compensated correctly via their preferred method of payment.


  • Pick up real-time attendance data.
  • It can be done from any reader automatically globally.
  • Calculate very powerful late coming, early going and overtime policies.


  • Leave management module is often linked to the time and attendance and workforce management functions,
  • This is an automated way to allocate, book, approve, track and monitor any absence from the workplace


  • This feature makes use of triggering.
  • It will automate calendars and other messages to candidates.
  • This depends on where they are in the interview process.

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