Inventory Management Software

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Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software monitors inventory levels for optimal production and distribution of goods for wholesale or retail.

Tired of spreadsheets and repetitive tasks?
Stop juggling multiple systems and experience automation at its finest.

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Every month, thousands of businesses use the best inventory management software.

  • Cost and Time Saving
  • Customer Service
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Warehouse Organization
  • Database Security
  • Purchase & Sales

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Order Management

  • Complete automation of Order Management.
  • OrderMs is fully automated solution which helps its users to drill down physical location of its inventory to the final cash to counter.
  • Access anytime & anywhere.
  • Take your business to anywhere; if you are offline don’t worry the OrderMs will provide you the essential information on your mobile phone.Compatible for Manufactures, Wholesalers & Retailers.
  • OrderMs’s advance workflow is highly customizable for anyone and everyone. Even if you are all in one; the software will be compatible.

Inventory Management

  • Integrated with order management.
  • Inventory Management Software is fully integrated with the order management module. So once you process a new sale; the inventory will be automatically updated.
  • Ecommerce Integration.
  • Inventory is Integra table with your existing ecommerce solution; provides you a peace of mind to manage your stock online.
  • Pilling the Stock

Warehouse Management

  • Smartly operate your warehouse. A cutting edge warehouse management software for your business. Manage multiple warehouses from one single point solution. No Matter how much stock you have got!! We have an intelligent solution for you.
  • Order Ms is an efficient system that double check your stock order; and makes it sure for you that you have got all you ordered.

Purchase Management

  • OrderMs Purchase Management is highly customizable for your convenience. It helps organizations make their spending wisely, keep suppliers’ relationship intact and gives you highly effective data business intelligently.
  • Receive quotations from the suppliers/vendors directly on your OrderMS account. Let the OrderMs decide the best Value for Money against your purchase. OrderMs’ highly robust algorithms makes calculations and bring the best purchase suggestion for you on the top.

Business Collaboration

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