Mirakl Integration

  • The Mirakl Integration is the perfect way to address this challenge.
  • You can quickly integrate two e-commerce solutions without making an upfront investment in inventory.
  • For any e-commerce level business, integrations are an absolute must-have.

  • A common shortcoming in many companies is the inability to streamline external sources of data into their preferred internal platforms.

  • Techinvento experts integrate API and this is the solution to these problems.
Mirakl Integration

Security Insights

  • Data Security :- Mirakl encrypts customer data in transit and at rest. Customer data is also segregated and access is restricted.

  • Secure Access :- Strong security controls and granular role-based access are applied to safeguard user access and data privacy.
  • Security Testing :- Frequent penetration testing from trusted independent third parties prevents security incidents, such as data breaches.

  • Application Security :- Mirakl is independently validated against OWASP 10 to meet top application security and software development standards.

  • Information Security:- Mirakl’s Information Security Policy minimizes risks and is overseen by our Chief Information Security Officer.

Mirakl Marketplace Platform


Scale to meet any demand while ensuring data security


Fully customizable functionality to meet your needs

Easy to Use

Easy to use and loved by developers and business users