OpenWeather Integration

  • It helps you find useful information, links, documents to start using our weather API services smoothly.

    Weather information is open: current climate, estimates, maps with precipitations, wind, mists, information from climate stations are accessible through APIs, maps and different items.

    Inclusion is worldwide: climate information is accessible for any geographic area.

    Weather model: own model of climate figure computation, WRF model for districts + worldwide models.

    Cutting edge innovations at a serious cost: because of Big Data innovation expenses of creation and backing are modest, a cost for a client is moderate.

OpenWeather Integration

OpenWeather Integration Features

  • It provides up-to-date weather information and up to 16-days weather forecasts for multiple cities. You can also get 5-days and 3-hours forecasts
  • It provides useful stats, graphics, and this-day-in-history weather charts for your analysis
  • It provides interactive maps that display wind, pressure, precipitation, and clouds for any chosen location
  • Data is provided in a wide range of formats, including JSON, XML, and HTML

OpenWeather Use Cases

  • Creating applications that can assist farmers to know the current weather and future weather forecasts
  • Creating applications for assessing the weather conditions, such as air temperature, humidity, wind speed, and other important weather parameters.
  • Creating a personal weather station that links to the OpenWeatherMap service.
  • Getting the historical data for a city for the past 5 years, which is provided as a hourly bulk extract