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Be Paper-Ready, One Paper At A Time

Paper Ready was born out of the desire to help people achieve excellence and quality in their papers. Paper Ready has been serving students and professionals from theses to speeches – helping them be paper-ready, one paper at a time.

Ready... Set... Print!

PaperReady is an Automatic Paper Generator Software for desktop. It automatically generates objective type question papers with ease, less DTP work folks!





Be Paper-Ready For The Future

Collecting questions and sorting them out one by one. Generating test papers is such a drag isn’t it? But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We were ever so determined to reduce the work load of students and professionals so that they can focus where they should; for a better future. And that’s how Paper Ready was born, an easy to use automatic test papers generation tool. All the user needs to do is upload their test data, that’s all! Paper Ready will automatically filter and sort questions according to subjects, chapters, topics and etc. Thats not all, user can upload thousands of questions in the database at a time.
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  • User-friendly UI
  • Activity tracker
  • Questions’ Bulk Upload
  • Unlimited Question creation & Question Paper creation
  • PDF export for Question Paper
  • Cloud Sync for Questions & Categories

Automatic Paper Generator Features

  • Easy Registration
  • Secure & User-friendly Dashboard
  • Vivid Customized Themes
  • Questions filter
  • Questions Categorization
  • PDF export for Hints and Solution
  • Question Paper Watermark & Question Paper Footer control
  • Integration with Praxis Exams

We carry more than just coding skills

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Wing “A”, Gala no 35, STPI, Chikalthana MIDC,
Aurangabad, Maharashtra