QQCatalyst Integration

QQCatalyst combines your system design with modern technology to provide the most powerful customer success platform, most IT systems send and receive data from external sources. We offer flexible and powerful access to your data through our API and that makes the integration between data and your system as simple as possible. we can set up the Integration that best suits your business needs. 


Grow Your Sales Pipeline

Identify new business, round out your current accounts, and strategically manage prospect sales cycles..


Easy Mail Marketing

Built-in tools for creating campaigns to better service your existing customers, cross-sell, or acquire new customers.

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Increase Efficiency

Track your employees’ activity within the system, allowing you to recognize leaders and get insight on how to improve productivity.

We support you for:
  • Company Synchronization
  • Customer Synchronization
  • Policies Synchronization
  • Commercial Account Synchronization
  • Personal Account Synchronization
  • Employee Synchronization
  • Tasks Synchronization