SendGrid Integration

  • SendGrid UI to create contacts ,add segments ,sends emails and automation , view stats.

    SendGrid’s cloud-based email foundation eases organizations of the expense and intricacy of keeping up custom email frameworks.

    It gives dependable conveyance, versatility and ongoing examination alongside adaptable APIs that make custom coordination straightforward. a cost for a client is reasonable.


SendGrid Benefit

  • Deliverability – SendGrid has a highly qualified team who are focused on nothing else but email deliverability and compliance.  The team includes Paul Kincaid-Smith, a renowned email expert who has nearly 30 years of experience working with email and on fighting the war on spam.
  • This team has fostered close relationships with the leading mailbox providers – Gmail, Yahoo and Together they work with SendGrid via an industry association called MAAWG – the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group to fight spam, phishing, denial of service attacks, mobile spam and other forms of email abuse.
  • Scalability – SendGrid delivers a huge volume of email effectively. The app sends 4,190 emails per second.
  • SendGrid has sent over 400 billion emails to date. To put that in perspective, that’s more emails than there are stars in the Milky Way, or more emails daily than Twitter sends tweets.
  • Customer Service and Support – SendGrid offers 24/7 customer support and a dedicated team of customer success managers who deliver personalized support and guidance to its customers. Available via phone, chat, and email, SendGrid’s team of 25 technically trained success engineers have corresponded with customers over 175k times in the past year.

SendGrid Features

  • Makes your email marketing campaign focused, uncomplicated & automated.
  • Easy updates & rapid implementation.
  • Send invoices, order confirmation emails, and other types to your customers reliably and swiftly.
  • Boosts the effectiveness of circulating & processing a large volume of emails.
  • Vastly reduces pre-processing time i.e. to generate a final list of recipients based on certain parameters like filtering based on unsubscribes, bounces & duplicates etc.
  • To enhance open-rates, SendGrid enables you to schedule email arrival time to your customers.
  • The SSL-enabled click in SendGrid can assist with safeguarding your customer’s confidential information.
  • Enable separate IP pooling for segmenting separate email traffic: This functionality aids with sending different segments of emails like transactional, newsletters, promotional, retention etc. through different IP addresses. This, in turn, assists with improving deliverability & engagement for each email type.