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TechInvento ERP Software is the best solution for your business to provide seamless experience to build better relationship with customers.

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  • Inventory
  • Services
  • Human Resource
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  • Purchasing
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TechInvento ERP Software

TechInvento ERP Software Solution is explicitly created for little Manufacturing Companies. ERP Modules in our product incorporate Sales Order Recording, Calculation of Purchase Requirements, Generation of Purchase Orders and Production Orders, and so forth.

You can record GRN, Inspection, Issue to Production against Production Orders, Production against Production Orders, Invoicing, Tracking of Receivables and Payable, Customer Feedback Recording, Finance and so on. Our ERP Software in Pune can be your best device for business the executives.TechInvento ERP Software


Modules in TechInvento ERP Software

  • Sales Module
  • Bill Of Material Module
  • Planning Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Stores Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Production Module
  • HRMS Module
  • Finance Module
  • Taxation
  • Administration
  • CRM

Production Planning, Purchase Planning - Available ERP Software

  • Software you can Calculate Purchase Requirements.
  • Creation Plan for Inhouse Production.
  • Inhouse creation orders dependent on Inhouse Production Plan.
  • Buy Orders for creation at Sub-Contractors.
  • Buy Order or material providers thinking about Minimum Levels, Stock-in-Hand, Orders Already Issued.

ERP Software has excellent Invoicing Features

  •  Auto consider rates as mentioned in the customers order at the time of preparing invoice.
  • While Invoicing, due date based on party’s credit period, rates of items considering customer-wise and quantity, applicable taxes etc.
  • Stop Purchase Order if Credit Limit exceeds than allocated budget. 
     Manage Customer-wise / Item wise different prices for every item.

Key Features of ERP Software

  • ERP Software can Manage: BOMs, Alternate BOMs, BOMs according to client necessities.
  • The executives of Multiple Warehouses.
  • MRP – Material Purchase Requirements Calculation.
  • The executives reports like Stock Reports, Accounts Reports, Purchase Reports.
  • Boundless Party Creation and Item Creation.
  • Thing determination in solicitations and in different reports by Code just as Name.
  • ERP Software gives Printable Formats of Invoices, Po’s, Proforma Invoices, Quotations, GRNs, Sales Orders and so on.
  • ERP Software can whenever create Lists of Accounts Receivable/Payable and so forth.
  • To effortlessly see the reports ERP gives office to see Summary/Detailed reports of the information.

ERP Software has good options for Printing of Formats

  • Tax Invoices.
  • Purchase Orders to vendors.
  • Quotations.
  • Proforma Invoices.
  • GRNs.
  • Sales / Customer Orders.
    With ERP Solution you can configure the printing of the above document on Letterhead / Logos with adjusted font sizes.
  • ERP supports printing of Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Receipts and Payment Vouchers.

ERP Software with CRM - Pre-Sales Enquiry and Followup Management

  • TechInvento ERP Software has coordinated CRM and you can oversee Customer Enquiries and Follow-ups.

    Separate followup plan the board of each advertising official.

  • ERP Supports Recording of all enquiry followup information.

  • Send citations to clients by email, printing citations.

  • Investigate the Closed enquiry.


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